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Immediate MANAGER        






To ensure the implementation of the Company’s policies and procedures in respect of a predetermined region of company owned stations. 


Managing Director Operations




 Operations Director


Area Retail Manager


Regional Manager



=         To ensure that all stations are operated in accordance with the Company’s Health & Safety policies to create a safe environment for staff and customers.

=         To collate, investigate and communicate any incident information in line with internal procedures.

=         Manage communications in line with company policy – in relation to external agencies. Example- Press

=         To ensure the security of the Company’s property.

=         To carry out monthly fuel audits at each station in order to ensure the correct payments of monies and security of the Company’s fuel stocks.

=         To carry out regular Shop, Forecourt and Food Services Reviews at each station to ensure that they are operating within the Company’s policies and procedures and to their maximum potential and flag any issues with appropriate management as required.

=         To manage and monitor performance of Contract Managers and staff at each station and ensure that good customer practice is carried out consistently.

=         To ensure that each station is applying the correct fuel retail prices as instructed from time to time so as to maximise fuel profit margins.

=         To select, submit for finance approval, train and install and, where necessary, serve notice to, Contract Managers to ensure that each station has a suitable Contract Manager in place at all times.

=         To monitor training compliance across the estate, to include all stakeholders.

=         To liaise with the nominated shop supplier to ensure effective and correctly merchandised promotional activity, within the shop and forecourt so as to maximise sales and increase customer base.

=         To liaise with the Area Manager for the nominated shop supplier to monitor and review the product range at each station with a view to increasing turnover and profitability.

=         To build relationships with the company’s nominated direct supply partners, and ensure that products are merchandised and promoted effectively with each station, and availability is maintained in order to maximise sales.

=         To maintain compliance with planograms and range as agreed with the company’s nominated suppliers to protect company income.

=         To liaise with representatives of the company’s fuel supply partners in order to maintain brand standards and effectively promote the relevant loyalty schemes operated by each fuel supplier.

=         Ensure proper management of promotions and correct merchandising of displays, to include Third party agreed fuel promotions.

=         To monitor and review Company expenditure for each relevant station and area, to ensure the accurate recording of information and to identify areas of improvement.

=         Ensure that each Contract Manager operates within the terms of the Contract Manager Agreement and appropriate associated agreements.

=         To handle complaints from customers and ensure satisfactory follow up with the customer and any necessary re-training requirements are completed.

=         To liaise with outside contractors to establish and manage all maintenance issues as well as monitoring all equipment downtime.

=         To maintain company income and expenditure to agreed budget targets.

=         To support and carry out duties as instructed from time to time from the relevant line manager(s).



=         Financial

Each ARM is responsible for the overall profitability of between 16 and 22 company owned stations with total sums per annum in relevant magnitudes as follows:

Operating costs between       £2.2m and £4.2m

Shop income between           £250k and £700k  

Fuel income between            £4.5m and £10.0m

Fuel volume between            42m and 150m litres

Valeting income between      £120k and £280k 


=         Staff

Each company owned station will be operated by an independent ‘Contract Manager’ who will employ, on average, around eight members of staff.

=         Other

This is a field based position where the ARM operates a given area which may be subject to change from time to time. Duties may require nights away from home to carry out area duties and attend meetings.

ARM’s are required to communicate with nominated suppliers and various third parties as and when required.




=         Operating Environment

Petrol stations operating in a highly competitive ‘price driven’ market dominated by the supermarkets and major oil companies.

=         Framework & Boundaries

Ensure all Contract Managers have relevant and valid agreements in place.

Ensure all Contract Managers complete all required duties within the stated timescales and submit returns promptly and accurately.

=         Organisation

To ensure Contract Managers operate within the terms of the Contract Manager Agreement and associated agreements.


=         Subordinates

To supervise, give guidance and motivate Contract Managers through the use of station reviews and audits to enable them to promote a successful business. To carry out subsequent visits as and when necessary to monitor progress.

=         Superiors

Have daily contact by phone and email, regular joint area visits and monthly one to one meetings with the Regional Manager. Contact the Regional Manager at any time for advice on any day to day operational and other issues.

=         Other Contacts

Within the Company - Liaise with all relevant head office departments as and when necessary in order to resolve any operational or other issues.

Outside the Company – Liaise with MFG’s retail suppliers and partners to develop and establish the joint business plans and deliver brand standards.

Outside the Company - To liaise with fuel suppliers and ensure delivery procedures are adhered to.

To liaise with Petroleum Officers, Environmental Health Officers, Fairbanks, Licensing and other officials where necessary.

To visit competitors to keep abreast of their activity.


To operate effectively and efficiently and achieve given objectives within given time deadlines.

To have competent, well trained Contract Managers and staff in all stations paying the appropriate charges.

To have a positive productive relationship with all relevant Contract Managers and station staff.


A proven track record in the forecourt and/or retail sector, ideally experience of a contract management/franchise business model

High self-motivation and discipline with ability to work demanding hours and prioritise duties.

outstanding communication skills,

Good people skills with ability to build effective relationships, inspire, motivate and lead.

A good level of numeracy and attention to detail.

Good financial awareness

Good competitor/ market awareness

Willingness to learn and take on additional responsibilities

Good team player

Mileage likely to exceed 40,000 miles per year.


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