Fuels Pricing Analyst


Leadership and Training

  • Plan workload in order to ensure that retail pricing functions are completed in an efficient, timely and accurate manner.
  • Communicate effectively with members of the Retail Services and Operations teams.
  • Ensure training documentation is kept up to date particularly in relation to new tasks.


Daily Pricing


  • In conjunction with the MFG fuels pricing system ensure daily fuel prices are reviewed and approved that:

Meet or exceed budget cash margin target

Meet or exceed budget volume target

Adhere to the individual site pricing strategy

Adhere to current network pricing strategy

Ensure timely distribution and confirmation of approved price changes to the MFG Operations team or Site retailers/managers as appropriate

Maintain standard and special price day pricing strategies and constraints

  • Ensure the timely and accurate distribution of the management reports
  • Update fuelspricing.com with weekly Bunker stock levels
  • Maintain MFG Site details

New Sites

Site Disposals

Brand and Contracted Cost of Product Changes

Site/Retailer details

  • Monitor and add new competitors to the MFG Pricing system that are identified via the daily Catalist data.
  • Update MFG Pricing system with the Catalist monthly changes in site ownership and brands
  • Maintain communication with Operations to ensure daily pricing activities capture:

Temporary site issues/closures

Temporary marker or road closures

General stock or other issues

Strategy Development and Implementation:

  • Assist with the reviews of the entire MFG network’s pricing strategy on an annual basis, and on a site by site basis where appropriate

A site is consistently over or under-performing on margin or volume.

A new marker site is identified via Catalist or Retail Operations

A marker site closes

A marker site changes brand or ownership

A marker site changes relative price strategy

Market infrastructure changes (New Roads, Housing or Commercial developments)


  • Provide Management reports as required on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, including but not limited to

Current margin, price position and replacement margin reporting

Daily Volume and Margin report

Monthly Volume reports including card type breakdown

Monthly relative price position


  • Liaise with IIS, Experian Catalist, OMJ, HTEC, Tankfil, Fairbanks and the fuel suppliers as required


  • Under take any other duties or tasks commensurate with the role, as required.